Bill Kelly: The cost of scrapping cap and trade

In a statement released Tuesday, Ford says he canceled the regulations that shaped the system of carbon taxation.

To ensure an orderly wind-down of programs funded through the cap-and-trade carbon tax, Ford committed that his government will honour arrangements where contracts have already been signed and orders have already been made, such as energy efficient insulation and window retrofits.

Ford cited a 2016 report by Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk which concluded that despite its $8-billion price tag from 2017 to 2020, Wynne's cap-and-trade scheme would not significantly lower Ontario's greenhouse gas emissions.

The premier says the government will decide on a case-by-case basis whether some initiatives previously funded by the program will be paid for using tax base revenue.

But Ford said businesses will benefit financially from no longer having to buy carbon credits, and Ontario will challenge Trudeau in court. But payments will be decided after looking at the overall plan he has for the province.

"The previous government attempted to institute a cap on ticket resales with no way to enforce that cap, resulting in less consumer protection", Ford spokesman Simon Jefferies said.

If Ottawa does put in a federal carbon tax, Ford has vowed to challenge it in court - a threat that aligns him with Saskatchewan's government.

In order to scrap the program, the premier must first amend or rescind the legislation that governs it, said Keith Brooks, program director for the advocacy group Environmental Defence.

"Doug Ford has taken the side of scalper-bots, helping them to rip off and gouge Ontario families without an end in sight", Horwath said.

"The Ontario government will need to find billions of dollars to buy back those permits, or risk being sued". Currently, the government's website does not list contact information for the newly appointed minister of the environment or any other cabinet members.

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