World Oceans Day Is June 8

By switching from water disposable bottles to reusable one and investing in a water dispenser, we can save money and protect our environment.

To educate people about the plastic pollution in oceans, Dell has partnered with Adrian Grenier and produced a virtual reality (VR) experience known as "Cry Out: the Lonely Whale Experience" in 2016.

The oceans help regulate the global climate and are the main source of water that sustains all forms of life on Earth, the oceans are responsible for this blue planet is unique in the solar system, he stressed.

The impact of human activities on oceans has increased dramatically, particularly the cumulative impacts, and the oceans' carrying capacity is near, or at its limit.

Our oceans, often called the lungs of the world, are one of the worst victims of this man-made disaster.

Every minute, one garbage truck worth of plastic is dumped into the ocean.

Considering that it is estimated that at least half of all life is contained within the oceans - possibility as high as 80 per cent - the situation is literally catastrophic.

Plastic represents 95 percent of the waste floating in the Mediterranean and on its beaches, with most coming from Turkey and Spain, followed by Italy, Egypt and France, the report said. Despite its name, there is nothing great about this swirling mass of trash that is four times the size of Texas.

Chemicals pouring into the ocean are causing unknown damage, and are perpetually being spun around by currents and gyres. "But plastics are still in circulation, because you can not change habits overnight".

This year, World Oceans Day focuses its attention on the "scourge of plastic pollution" in our oceans. This means using less of it - especially single-use plastics - but also ensuring that what we do use is properly recycled or reused.

2#Be conscious about how much energy you're using: Turn off lights and faucets that you're not using. Our collective resolve should aim at finding solutions to common problems. The resulting impact of plastic on marine and bird life is disastrous. This clip shows exactly what can happen if your discarded plastic straw makes its way into the ocean.

If all we did was eliminate our use of single-use plastic, we'd make massive inroads into the problem.

Even though the Government of Rwanda successfully made a decision to ban plastic bags in 2008, the latest campaign by the Environment ministry and its affiliated agencies is now targeting straws and other disposable materials.

Get in the habit of asking for no straw before you even order a beverage.

Every piece of plastic that enters the ocean slowly breaks down into smaller pieces, and these smaller pieces can be eaten by a wide range of animals - from zooplankton to fish, seabirds, turtles, mussels and marine animals, she added. And, the virtual world plays a key role in spreading the word through hashtag campaigns like #beatplasticpollution, #nostrawchallenge and #saveourocean.

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