Some time ago, days were much shorter

But there are still many flaws within the system, the moon has been around for 4.4 billion years, around 1.5 billion years ago, at a rate of 3.82 cm per year; the Moon would have gotten dangerously close to Earth, and our planet's gravitational pull may have ripped it apart. Geoscientists are of the opinion that the days on earth are getting longer.

To cite an analogy, the Earth reacts like a spinning figure skater who slows down as she stretches her arms out; the rotation slows.

The researchers used Milankovitch climate cycles and statistical modelling to study the relationship between the Earth and the Moon. The variations can, therefore, affect the distribution of sunlight on Earth, driving climate cycles for long periods. This is caused by the force exerted by other astronomical bodies like planets and the moon. Mayer and his colleagues hope with the new calculations to align geological data on the Earth's climate in the past and our understanding of the dynamics of the earth's rotation. According to Meyers, his team had the ambition of using astrochronology to tell time in the distant past and to develop very ancient geological time scales. As per the fresh evaluation, a day on Earth was 5 hours and 15 minutes shorter a billion years before compare to ours' time, a lot before the complex life started on the planet. What they've found is that, 1.4 billion years ago, the days on Earth were lasting for only 18 hours.

Researchers have previously turned to Earth's geologic record to observe climate cycles from hundreds of millions of years ago, but going back billions of years is more tricky. According to scientists, this may change. Next, they want to apply their method to other intervals of geologic time, added study co-author and Lamont Research Professor at Columbia, Alberto Malinverno in the statement. So, they used astrochronology, a method that connects both astronomical theory with geological observation. This was at least in part because the moon was closer and changed the way Earth spun around its axis.

To map out the moon's historic withdrawal and our extending days, researchers didn't turn to space, but rather just the opposite - our geologic record.

Without the moon, Earth could slow down enough to become unstable, but this would take billions of years and it may never happen at all.

Many of us feel that the day has too few hours.

"The geologic record is an astronomical observatory for the early solar system", Meyers revealed.

The new approach, called TimeOptMCMC, was tested on rock samples collected from two sites: a 1.4 billion-year-old Xiamaling Formation from Northern China and a 55 million-year-old record from Walvis Ridge.

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